Villefranche culture system - Tank set-up -


Kreisel tank for polyp

  1. Eliminate chemicals attached to the tank by soaking it in sea water for a few days before the first use.
  2. Place the tank in the position. Water outlet pipe is to be inserteda hole on exhaust water collection pipe.
  3. Place T-shape nozzle near the cannel between main- and sub-chamber.
  4. Connect the nozzle to water-supply and open the valve.
  5. Adjust the water speed to 5~10 ml/sec.
  6. Leave water running for a while until dusts etc are all gone.
  7. Place glass plates in the tank using plate holders.

Kreisel tank for jellyfish

  1. Equilibrate the inner surface of the tank for at least 3 weeks leaving it in the running sea water or by using it for polyp colony culture before using it for medusa culture. This is particularly important to use any plexiglass tank for Clytia medusa culture. Jellyfish is quickly damaged (within several hours) in a new tank. It is most likely because of physical damages by the solid surface of the tank such as hydrophobicity of the material or residual chemicals attached. The toxic surface is neutralized by the 3 weeks of wash.
  2. Attach filter holder with 1 mm nylon mesh and hold with clips. Confirm the mesh is not wrinkled when it is wet.
  3. Place T-shape nozzle near the cannel between main- and sub-chamber.
  4. Adjust the position of the T-nozzle position. Nozzle opening should be about 3~6 mm below the level. Nozzle should be as close as the filter holder.
  5. Connect the nozzle to water-supply and open the valve.
  6. Adjust the water speed to 2~3 ml/sec. Speed can be checked either by seeing the water speed coming out from the nozzle or by confirming that jellyfish passing by the nozzle is not contracting.
  7. Add jellyfish (up to 35 medusae/tank)


Kreisel-tank model 09

100 mm width. 200 mm x 200 mm for the tank "diameter"
1 mm nylon mesh
Target of culture
Medusae (3~4 mm or larger)
Polyps (several or more gastrozoids)
Over 2 kg (7 kg with water)
3.7 liter (main chamber) + 1 liter (sub chamber) = 4.7 liter (overall)
2 to 3 weeks of water circulation is required before use for medusae culture. It is most likely because of the surface of the material is hydrophobic and medusae will be damaged. 2 to 3 days will be enough for polyps.
Future modification
8 mm thick plexiglass is unnecessarily thick and heavy. Change to 5 mm thick plexiglass.
Sub-chamber can be smaller. The bottom of the sub-chamber will be just below the window between main and sub camber.

Colony plate + suspender

Large plate

Glass plate: 140 mm x 160 mm x 3 mm

Small plate

Double size glass slide: 50 mm x 76 mm
glass slide holder