Trouble shooting for polyp stage

Polyp doesn't grow

  • Too little food.
    • Check amount of food. Confirm most of gastrozoid (feeding polyp) catched at least one Artemia
  • Too many jellyfish cohabit in polyp tank.
    • Check number of medusae cohabit in the same tank. Usually jellyfish catch Artamia quicker than polyp and there might be not enough Artemia left for polyp even you put enough food.
  • Algae contaminated
    • Clean glass surface where polyp is living.
    • Sometimes Cutting stolon may help to induce its growth, especially by removing most heavily contaminated area of the polyp, making new "growth cones".
  • Sea water got dirty
    • Colony doesn't grow well when the sea water has not been changed for more than 4~5 weeks.
    • Changing at least half sea water is required for each month.
  • Amount of food was diminished after too much feeding
    • Too much food often rises gonozoid/gastrozoid ratio. In normal condition it should be 1 but it goes up to 5 or 10 depending amount of food because one gastrozoid can get enough nutrition for massive medusa production. If the amount of food suddenly drops in this stage, gastrozoid wouldn't get enough food for medusae production and would sacrifice polyp growth. (Medusa bud passed "critical point" can't stop the development, while younger medusa before the point can stop and degenerate. Volker Schmid's unpublished observation in Podocoryne.)

Polyp suddenly died

  • This doesn't happen so often but most likely you have been feeding too young Artemia for several days.
    • Young Artemia contains high amount of lipids undigestible for Clytia.